Saturday, April 3, 2010

Goodbye Winter Months - Hello Sunshine...

Well I have to admit I was having a dry spell finding trolls for awhile there. Those cold winter months mean no yard sales and no outside vendors at the flea markets. But behold the sun is out and Spring is in the air and my troll finding luck continues...

Today I am showing the trolls found last weekend and today at the yard sales and a local flea market.

Stay tuned for 4 vintage trolls (including my first two-headed troll). They are fixer-uppers and I have to add new hair, eyes, and clothes but when I'm done you'll get to see before and after pictures.

The Ganz Troll that is still in it's box is my favorite of all the trolls found. My husband found it at the flea market. I
♥ my husband so much! Isn't it a cutie?

I even found a rug made out of troll hair. Pretty cool, huh?

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