Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Troll Finds + A Love Notes Toy

Here's some fun stuff I found today at the yard sales...

1975 Dam Baby
 2005 Dam Troll
 Not sure what this is so I'll just call it a Tiki Troll...
 1978 Mattel Love Notes Raccoon. I like it. It looks very vintage compared to stuffed animals you see now-a-days. I found an old newspaper ad (from the 1970's) about Mattel Love Notes. They made dolls, the raccoon, a bear...maybe more??? You press the circles on its body to play a song.

 Stay tuned...

~ Just Trolling Around

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lots of Trolls Plus a Few Random Vintage Items

I found a bunch of trolls at a yard sale today! All the trolls only cost me $1.25! Check it out...

Ace Novelty Plush Troll

 2 Hasbro Trolls
 2 Russ Trolls in Costumes
 Surprise Baby Troll in it's Package (the diaper changes color in water to indicate girl or boy)
 Ace Novelty Gemstone Troll with her Comb
 2 Trolls I think made in Korea
 This trolls eyes light up when you plush the button on his belly
 Bitsy Bear - Flutterbye Bear (made in 1991 or 1992)
 Troll Hairbow
 Pencil Toppers & Gumball Machine Trolls
 Soma trolls

 This troll is cute. He's little and chubby.
 A troll-like thingy I found last week at a yard sale
 Anybody know anything about Jaro Creations or what it is?
 It reminds me of the Moon-A-Tiks...
 Here's all the Dwarfs from Snow White. They look old. Made of rubber and plastic. Paid 50 cent for all of them...
 None have a year but say Made in China for Bikin Walt Disney Co. Are they valuable?
 Here's a 1984 Sprite called Twink from Rainbow Brite.
 Keep tuning in for more finds!

~ Just Trolling Around