Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rockin' Dam Troll

Did you think I stopped collecting troll dolls? Think again! This is my newest addition to my troll collection. This poor guy didn't own any clothes...and he looked like he was singing...but now he's just rockin! As always, stay tuned for more trolls and who knows what else because you never know what you'll find...just trolling around. Be sure to subscribe, comment and most importantly...have fun!

The Walking Dead

These are my AMC's The Walking Dead action figures. They are (top to bottom) Daryl & Merle combo pack, Merle, Michonne, Michonne's Pet 1, Michonne's Pet 2, The Governor (comic book series), The Governor's daughter Penny (comic book series), Andrea, Rick, and Carl. Each come with accessories and weapons.

I will definitely be getting more of these so stay tuned. I'll also be showing my Walking Dead dog tags in the future.

Living Dead Dolls

So I just love these Living Dead Dolls. I have got the Living Dead Doll Minis up top. They are Penny (a rare, exclusive) and Mishka. Then there is a full size one named Beast. He's a special anniversary edition. And finally there is a figurine named Eggzorcist and his basket full of horror. Stay tuned for more of these because... dead is better.

Funny Plush

I've always loved stuffed animals/plush so I picked these up for my TV show collection. I think they are hilarious. Particularly the Daryl Walking Dead one. In case you don't know who these are...up top is Phil & Jase from Duck Dynasty (they talk) and below is Rick & Daryl from AMC's The Walking Dead. Still tuned for awesome Walking Dead collectibles.

Branching Out on My Toy Collecting Journey

I have started collecting a lot of TV show memorabilia which I've decided to show everyone. These two are Dexter (from the hit Showtime series). One is a bobblehead and the other a rare "The Dark Defender" figure from San Diego Comic Con.

I also have Dexter trading card relics--officially worn by cast members so keep an eye out for when I show everyone those.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chicago Cubs Troll Doll Bobblehead

Chicago Cubs Baseball Troll Doll bobblehead. I am absolutely amazed by it's size. It's about 9-10 inches tall!

Be sure to check back for even more amazing troll dolls. Be sure to join my blog if you haven't already and feel free to comment on your favorite trolls!

~ Just Trolling Around

2 Stunning Dam Troll Doll Piggy Banks

 All original vintage troll banks with Dam stamped on their feet.

Orange you glad...

This beauty is from the 60s or 70s era. Original pink, felt clothing, light blue spiral eyes and long, orange mohair.

DAM Troll Dog

Here I have a Super Rare troll dog stamped with Dam on his foot. He is large in size. His fur is mohair.

Full of "Mo"hair

This is an all original vintage 60s or 70s era troll doll. She is complete with felt clothes, green spiral eyes and peach colored mohair. So beautiful!

This Troll Will Melt Your Heart

Just look into those big "puppy dog" eyes, lol...

SUPER RARE & Vintage Troll Doll

This troll is from the 60s or 70s and it comes on its original skateboard made of wood. Yes, I said WOOD! How awesome is that?

Gorgeous Vintage Dam Troll

This is one of my favorite trolls I've got in the past few months. I particularly love it's eyes!

1986 Dam Troll

I just love those Dam trolls.

Rare Russ Troll...Check Him Out!

This is one of the rare Russ Trolls. It's an alien or space man, I guess it's up to your imagination. He is complete with his gun. Of course his glittery hair and the fact that he is silver is just awesome!