Monday, August 31, 2009

These Came In The Mail Today: 1985 Dam Jogger Troll, Troll Stocking & Witch Troll

All these were in my mailbox. What a fun mail day! When I bought the Dam Jogger troll I thought he was a 1977. He looks like one. But, to my surprise, under his chin it says "Made in Denmark Dam 1985". The Stocking is very cute. I have 4 more Troll Christmas stockings (all different) to show you all soon. And, finally...the witch troll is a cutie as well.

Tiny Trinket Trolls

My husband bought me this. I just love it. It's got the coolest looking wizard troll on the package. Also, you are suppose to put the troll in water and a trinket "surprise" will magically appear. Wonder what's's too pretty to find out.

Norfin Troll Memo Pad

I bought this because it is unique and I am fascinated with wizards. It is made by Norfin.

Norwegian Plush Troll Set

These look just like Nyform trolls but they are plush. Certainly unique. They each have a tag that says "Troll" and tells a troll story. It says they cost $17.95 apiece on the other side of the tag.

Pretty Troll Princess

She sure is pretty huh? She's a Dam {Original Good Luck Troll} from 2005.

Huge Troll Pillows

Here is two huge troll pillows. They are about 2 feet tall. I did not purchase these as a set. I bought these separately. I think they look great together. They have real troll hair.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Couldn't Fit Them All In The Video But I Think You Will Enjoy Flipping Through It

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Pinecone Troll With A Tail

This one is definitely unique. It's a Pinecone Troll. She even has a tail.

I have other troll-like items to show you in the future.

On another note...I have many 1986 and 2005 Dam Troll Dolls and will be showing you the coolest video of them very soon. Since there is so many, I think you all will really enjoy it...

Wooden Troll

This wooden troll is unmarked. He reminds me of Santa Claus.

Possibly A Pee Wee Troll Doll

This has the same facial features as the one I just showed you all marked "Pee Wee". But, she is unmarked...unless her markings are hidden. I can't undress her to see. She has on crochet clothes sewn to her body and I am not sure if the previous owner made them or if they are original.

Pee Wee Troll Doll

This is a 1960s Pee Wee Troll Doll made by Uneeda. I believe there is a mixed controversy to whether these should be classified as trolls even though they are made by Uneeda - a Troll making company who made Wishniks. She has pretty baby blue eyes.

Another One - Very Detailed

Here is another one but this one was made in Hong Kong. Her fingernails and toenails are painted in a light pink.

Enlighten Me

I don't know a whole lot about these troll "dolls". I know they are vintage and made in Korea. Are they really trolls? What are they called? I've researched and came up with nothing at all. Feel free to let me know if you know about them.

I Wanted This SO BAD!

I wanted this porcupine troll more than anything. And, guess what? I lost it on eBay. I'm so disappointed. It's definitely a one-of-a-kind super rare troll animal.

Since I can't have it, I'm putting up a picture. That way all of you and I can look at it anytime we want to.

Look at the details in his legs and the rosy nose and cheeks on him. I'm heartbroken...

But, I'll get over it. And, I'll be bringing you more of my own collection shortly.

I have some more new ones coming in the mail and have 1000's more to show you all of the ones I already own.

Let me know in the comments section if you like the troll videos I made. If so, I'll make even more.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rooted Hair Cutie-Pie

I love this one. It has the coolest rooted hair and a rounded face.

Vintage African American Troll Doll

This troll doll is rare. I have yet to see another one like her.

Tom Sawyer Troll

This one reminds me of Tom Sawyer because of his patchy clothes.

Princess Peach

Here's a peachy one. Peach hair, peach eyes...

Cute Little Girl

She's a cutie!

Another Wishnik

Here's another vintage Wishnik. He actually has light green hair but since he's a naked one, I played with the picture a bit to give him a classic look. Just wanted to show you all the pretty smile on this one.

Hula Troll

ALOHA! This vintage troll is Hawaiian and has on a skirt built into her. She's really cool looking and ready to start dancing.

Older Wishnik

This one's an older Wishnik. He reminds me of a priest or maybe he's got on his Christmas nightgown. It's fun guessing what personality a troll has, huh?

My First Really Vintage Troll Doll

This troll was the first really vintage troll doll I found in my hometown. All the others I found in my town were 80s and 90s and newer. It's REALLY hard for me to find the older ones here.

She is unmarked and has the most beautiful spiral green eyes. They are amazing! Her clothing is in bad shape though and has been taped and stapled. I left her the way I found her. I usually do leave them the way they are unless they are in pieces. Although, sometimes I have to sudden urge to make a one-of-a-kind troll. That's a fun project!

Neanderthal Troll

This troll is straight from the Ice Age. He is very tall and wrinkly.

Dam Boy Troll Bank - Little Pumpkin

This Dam bank is a boy! All my others are girls...

He reminds me of Halloween and is a lil' pumpkin. His hair is like a big orange pom-pom - all original.

Dam Bank - Golden Girl

This Dam bank girl has on golden colored clothing and has greenish/yellow eyes. She's pretty and wants a hug.

Dam Bank - Fixer Upper

This Dam bank came to me headless - well, the head was completely unattached from the body. I've attached it back. Her overalls are broken and she still needs some work done to her. And yet, with so much wrong I can find so much beauty in her. Look at her glass eyes - they look like they are gazing into the distance.

Dam Beauty - Troll Bank

This Dam bank is beautiful. I love the blue colors and her blushing cheeks.

Vintage Blondie Girl Dam Troll Bank

Hey fellow troll lovers - I'm back. This time bringing you a beautiful Dam troll bank. This blondie has full, flowing hair. It's vintage and from the 60s.