Thursday, August 20, 2009

Debra Clark - Book, Autograph, and Knickerbocker Troll

This is one of my favorite parts of my collection. I've been looking forward to sharing this with everyone. This post contains several pictures that all come together as one great piece of troll memorabilia.

The troll identification book was written by Debra Clark in 1993. Within its pages, on page 120 to be exact, is her very own Terry Knickerbocker Hand Puppet Troll c1964.

I have that troll! Can you believe it? Yeah, I can't either. The troll in the picture above is her troll in the price guide - and it belongs to me now. And, to make it even better, I have a tag that came with the troll not only signed by her but with a written message assuring it is indeed the same exact troll pictured in her book. The back of the tag has a troll stamp "of approval".

Take a look...


  1. Hello, Fellow Troll Fanatic -

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful collection (via blog) with me. It's so impressive - I couldn't resist putting a link to it on the front web page of "Those Old Dam Things"!

    Your Fan,
    Ms. Trollophile :D

    P.S. To make ends meet in this recession, I now have to drive a truck for a living and rarely have LIMITED access to the Internet. Please understand if my responses are slow or nonexistent. One day, I hope to get back home and, once again, enjoy my hobby.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have added a link to your site as well.

    ~Just Trolling Around


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