Monday, September 29, 2014

Tokidoki Unicorno

These are Tokidoki Unicorno. It states on the box that these are not toys, these are collectible art. I think they are pretty.
I got some new Living Dead Dolls I'll be posting later this week along with some other toys so please check back. 

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1st Wave Monster High Dolls

These are 1st wave Monster High Dolls. They have great value to them versus the ones you see in retail stores now. The boxed one pictured goes for around $80 and the loose one pictured goes for around $50. I paid a total of $4 for both of them! I'm thinking of picking up some of the cheaper versions of these, some cheap barbies, and some cheap dolls and creating my own zombie and horror dolls from them so stay tuned for that...


A cute and creepy-ish Skelanimals plush! I just love it!

Freddy & Jason

Freddy Krueger & Jason Voorhees Neca Scalers. My husband got these from GameStop PowerUp Rewards. A great addition to the horror part of my toy collection.

Walking Dead Plush

My husband won me these The Walking Dead plush in the crane machine. It's Michonne, Beth & Tyreese. Who's excited as me for the newest season to start?