Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bedtime Sadie

This is Bedtime Sadie...a Living Dead Mini Doll I got today. I am always blown away with how much detail they can put on these small dolls. Her outfit is so cute too. This one is simply amazing! And you guessed it...Deader IS Better! 

More awesome toys to come! Subscribe, comment, have fun!!


This is a Living Dead Doll I got this week. Her name is Revenant and she glows in the dark because she is a ghost. She is a loose figure but came with her Death Certificate which you can see I tucked into her outfit. However, she's missing her pet vulture, Carrion. She's still awesome though!

One hell of a ghost
And Carrion her pet
Are two of the creepiest ghouls
You wish you never met

~ Because Deader is Better

Little Bo Creep

This is a full size Living Dead Doll I got this month. Her name is Little Bo Creep. I absolutely love the detail put into these incredible dolls!

Little Bo Creep devoured her sheep
And licked all of their bones clean
Because of this task, she was fitted with a mask
To keep her from dining on lamb cuisine

~ Because Deader is Better

I Made This Horror Doll

So this is the first horror doll I've ever made. I made it this weekend. I think it turned out pretty awesome for my first one and hopefully as I make more I'll get better and better...I should have taken a before was a blonde haired, blue eyed naked baby doll with a toothy grin. I removed his eyes, painted and sculpted him and made his outfit. He's in a straight jacket because "Demented Danny" (that's what I call him) poked his own eyes out...

More of these to come. I really enjoyed making this and hopefully you guys will enjoy seeing it...and the others I make in the future.

Breaking Bad...Heisenberg

So I'm a huge Breaking Bad fan despite the fact the show ended. I've got the whole series on DVD. When I saw this highly detailed Heisenberg figure I just had to pick him up. He's packing a gun and a bag full of money!

Happy Bunny!!

Who doesn't love Happy Bunny? I sure do! He makes me laugh time and time again with his funny phrases. This Happy Bunny toy says, "whatever, you moron."

Funny Looking Toy Made in 1979

The bottom of its foot says this bunny was made in 1979 so I picked it up at a local thrift shop. It's ugly and kinda dirty. I tried to wipe the dirt/dust off but it won't come off completely. Anyone know what it is? It squeaks so I'm thinking of giving it to my dog...LOL