Saturday, May 19, 2012

Troll & Cute Vintage Toys

I've been looking high and low for trolls because I really want to start back collecting a bunch of them again. I haven't had much luck and I've been to thrift shops, flea markets and yard sales. I did find one little fellow though - a Russ Graduate Troll.

I also found a another troll-like toy. This is the third Ooglies I've purchased. This one is a baseball player. They were made in 1997 by Playmates. I haven't put batteries in any of them yet but I researched them and they laugh, their eyes spin and they change color. You just pull on their tail and twist their feet. They get "hyper" and you have to calm them down.

I also found a vintage Japan Iwaisan Doll that squeaks.

Lastly, I found 2 adorable Playskool Nosy Bears. These were made in 1987. They have plastic globes on their noses and when you squeeze their bellies, the items in their nose move around from the air pumped in from their belly. They even made special Easter Nosy Bunnies that had liquid in their noses. I've got the Popcorn one and the popcorn indeed pops about in its nose and a Balloon one. I'm definitely going to buy more of these. They are so cute. 


 Stay tuned for more great finds!

~ Just Trolling Around

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Duck Troll Doll

My husband found me this cute Russ duck troll doll today at a local thrift shop. I believe I don't have him. I think I have the larger one. To be honest...I've rescued so many trolls that I can't keep up anymore :)


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vintage Finds... More Troll Dolls

I found a bunch of vintage things today at the yard sales. Trolls are my thing but I thought I'd venture out a bit and grab these oldies since the price was right. I also figured I'd share it all with you guys...

 This newer Dam troll looks so angelic. I just love her to pieces. Price...Free. The nice lady gave her to me.

 This is a troll dino from the 90s. It's small. I found it in a bag of blocks and another kind lady gave it to me for free.

A Russ boy. Got him for only 10 cent.

A Hanna-Barbera Xylophone. I picked this up because I had one exactly like this when I was a kid. Only paid 50 cent.

 I'm not really into Barbies but these two looked really old and I like their eyes. Could anyone tell me anything about these please? All I know is the one on the left says Made in 1966 - Mattel - Made in Japan and the other one is weird. The body is plastic and says Made in Hong Kong. But the face, arms and legs are a rubber material. Could it be that her body has been replaced? Does anyone know their names or value? I paid $1 each for them.

This is a Garfield clock made in 1978. It works. It's eyes and tail move. I paid $3 for it because I think it looks so awesome! It looked up it's value and it's worth $50.

That's all my finds for today. Stay tuned because I'm going to keep on hunting down all the trolls I can rescue and maybe more other kinds of vintage items.

~ Just Trolling Around

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Latest Additions to My Troll Doll Collection

Sorry it's been such a long time since my last posting. My camera broke and I had to get a new one. The good news is I've been buying as many trolls as I could find since my last update and have a lot to share today. Okay, so here goes...

These are all from a box I found at a yard sale for only $3. They are mostly a mix of Russ & Ace Novelty troll dolls.

These are Shoulder Buddies. You've probably seen these at Hallmark and now at Walmart. I got these from Hallmark at their after Christmas sale and only paid 75 cents each!

I got these troll jewelry sets from eBay. They were running a promotion where you get $5 in free eBay bucks. It even applied toward shipping so these were completely free.

This is a Wuv Luv. I found out the name thanks to one of my readers {thanks again}. The one I found previously was missing its accessories and baby but this one is complete. It's made by Trendmasters - a company who also used to make troll dolls. The Wuv Luv talks and you can feed it the flowers and the baby is in its pouch and hatches from it's egg. It says, "mama". Isn't it adorable? This only cost me $2 at a yard sale! I love it!

I picked this cutie up for 25 cent at a yard sale. It reminds me of a kewpie. It was made by Dreamland Creations in 1956. It also squeaks when you squeeze it. If anyone else knows anything else about it I'd love to know.

I got this Dam Bank for only 25 cent at a yard sale! It's so vintage so the price was amazing!

Well that wraps up my finds for now. I'm pretty happy with these finds considering they all only cost me about $8! It's always great to find deals when you are a collector - especially in the economy we live in now. Anyway, yard sales are back in season and can't wait to share my next finds with everyone!

~ Just Trolling Around