Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vintage Finds... More Troll Dolls

I found a bunch of vintage things today at the yard sales. Trolls are my thing but I thought I'd venture out a bit and grab these oldies since the price was right. I also figured I'd share it all with you guys...

 This newer Dam troll looks so angelic. I just love her to pieces. Price...Free. The nice lady gave her to me.

 This is a troll dino from the 90s. It's small. I found it in a bag of blocks and another kind lady gave it to me for free.

A Russ boy. Got him for only 10 cent.

A Hanna-Barbera Xylophone. I picked this up because I had one exactly like this when I was a kid. Only paid 50 cent.

 I'm not really into Barbies but these two looked really old and I like their eyes. Could anyone tell me anything about these please? All I know is the one on the left says Made in 1966 - Mattel - Made in Japan and the other one is weird. The body is plastic and says Made in Hong Kong. But the face, arms and legs are a rubber material. Could it be that her body has been replaced? Does anyone know their names or value? I paid $1 each for them.

This is a Garfield clock made in 1978. It works. It's eyes and tail move. I paid $3 for it because I think it looks so awesome! It looked up it's value and it's worth $50.

That's all my finds for today. Stay tuned because I'm going to keep on hunting down all the trolls I can rescue and maybe more other kinds of vintage items.

~ Just Trolling Around


  1. Hi!

    I hope you don't mind, but I have a question that you may be able to help me with.

    I have a 'troll car' that I had since I was a kid around 1967 or so. I've attached two pics.

    They must be rare because I've been looking for awhile now and haven't seen any listed anywhere and I'm looking to see what it might be worth.

    Have you ever seen a 'troll car' in your travels?

    Thanks much!


  2. Hi Cindy,

    I don't see the attached pics but the first troll car that came to mind when you mentioned the 60s is this one --

    Is that it? It's fairly valuable and has been mentioned in the troll identification and values book.

    I don't have one but hope to get one someday.

    Just Trolling Around


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