Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beautiful Troll In Her Pj's

This ones just so cute! I love her eyes too. I think she's made by Ganz. I should have checked the tag. Anyway, what a beautiful troll! Stay tuned for more trolls soon. I have a troll coming in the mail that I know you all are just gonna love. It's rare. Please subscribe also. So much more to come, you won't want to miss it.

Unique Baby Russ

I think someone made this one. I bought it online and it didn't say. It is black but I cannot tell whether Russ made it black or if it was painted. If someone painted it, they did an excellent job. It's smooth and no errors. The hair does look like it was put in though by a previous owner. Does anyone know if Russ ever made black trolls like this one? Either way, it's very cute and I like it very much.

Very Tall Ace Troll Doll

This ones got some long legs. I like her hot pink eyes too. She's pretty cool looking huh?

Norfin Troll Iron-On Transfer

This ones different - a Norfin troll iron-on transfer. Mint in the package.

Christmas Boy Troll

This ones just so cute! He's a Christmas troll made by Russ. I love the glitter strains in his hair.

Me...Just Fooling Around

I took some trolls that were looking really rough and made these. I know they look funny - I did it on purpose. Well, the one on the left I think is really cute. I made her outfit, put some blonde curls on her head, and put in some brown eyes. The one on the right, however, looks so funny. I put huge yellow eyes on her because she's suppose to be dressed as a cat. You can't really see the cat ears on the top of her head in the picture. I replaced her eyes, tummy jewel, hair, and made her outfit and hair piece. I know they aren't retail quality or anything, but it was fun to make them.

Troll Doll in a Windbreaker

This is definitely a troll from the 90s - windbreaker and all - y'all remember when they were in style! He's even wearing the converse looking sneakers.

Unique Troll Doll

This one's certainly unique. It is in one the troll price guide books I own. She has a marking on her neck that is unreadable but if I'm not mistaking I think she was made in Japan. Gotta love the earring.

Toddler Troll Doll

This one looks like a toddler to me. He's got on a colorful outfit with a car on it. Made by Russ. Original outfit.

Ace Troll In Denim

I love the denim dress on this Ace Novelty troll doll. It's really cute.

Small Russ Troll Plush

This plush is smaller than the rest I've shown. Guess he's an Easter troll or maybe just wearing his pj's.

Wooden Troll

I am assuming this is a wooden troll. It has yarn hair. I picked it up at a local thrift shop because it was less than a $1. No markings.

Really Cute Russ Troll

This ones a cutie. Not sure if it's her original outfit or not. I doubt it.

Basketball Player Troll

This one looks neat. He definitely has that "90s" look.

Audrey Trolls

I had one like these when I was a kid. They are Audrey trolls. The box is dinged up quite a bit but the purple haired ones eyes still light up. I haven't tested the pink haired one, it needs a battery replacement. They are weird looking. Their heads aren't really in proportion with their bodies. And, their feet remind me of duck feet. Made in the 90s.

This Weekend's Yard Sale Find

I found this yesterday at a yard sale. Trolls are scarce to find in my town so to say the least I was pretty happy about finding it. Also, it was a major bargain - a quarter. He's a battle troll. I like his horn.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bend-Ems: The Original Norfin Trolls

I got these in the mail today. I just love everything about them. I love the actual trolls - how they are poseable, the rubber material, painted-on clothing, the size (they are rather large). I love the packaging - it's colorful and tells a cute little story of the Denmark trolls. It's just a really cool collectable. Made by JusToys. They are famous for making Bend-Ems. They even made Bend-Ems wrestling figures in the 90s. Very cool!

Hardees Happy Meal Treasure Trolls

This is the whole collection of Hardees Happy Meal Treasure Trolls. These are much harder to find than the Burger King and McDonald's Happy Meal Trolls & Trollz. I have those too and will briefly show them to you all at a later time.

Troll Necklace

This necklace was made by an online seller. It looks very vintage and unique.

Fairy-Tale Trolls

Here's a little cutie. It's a Fairy-Tale Troll Doll on a trike. He even has a balloon. He's a wind-up and his bell rings.

Mini Baby Trolls

Here are some darling little mini baby trolls. They are even growing their first teeth.

Norfin Troll Lace Huggers

This was a really cute way for kids growing up in the 90s to customize their shoes.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Blast From The Past

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My Mailbox Was Full Of Trolls

Remember I told you all that I was getting lots of trolls in the mail...well, they came. They are all different types from the 90s. They range from great condition to not so great but the best thing is that it only cost me $10 including shipping for it all. Check out all the pictures and stay tuned for even more troll fun!