Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Cutest Little Troll

I've had a hard time finding trolls at the thrift shops here lately. But the other day I got lucky when my hubby found this cute plush Russ troll. It was naked though so I found this cute dress to put on her and now she's a real doll! I think she's cuter than some in their original clothes. What do you think? A pink princess?

Forest Trolls

Here are my Forest Trolls. They are just too cute! I love their rounded ears.

Rock Troll

Here's a weird little thing I found at a yard sale last year. It's a rock troll. The hair is yarn and everything is painted on with a glittery paint. It's very detailed and kinda neat.

Super Trolls Islands SNES Game

This is a Super Trolls Islands Super Nintendo game. It is actually a lot of fun. Basically you choose your troll and collect the fruit from the trees and walls. You have to avoid touching various obstacles and can throw stuff at them.

I'll try to remember to make a video of this game next time I hook up my SNES system.

It's very colorful.

Troll Trading Cards

Here are two boxes of Troll Trading Cards full of weird and fun cards. One is Classic Trouble Trolls cards and the other is Topps Trashy Trolls cards which are a troll knock-off from the Garbage Pail Kids. There are also stickers in the box. The box itself is really cool because of the real troll hair on the troll.

Troll VHS Tapes

Here are two troll VHS tapes - Magic Trolls and the Troll Warriors and Super Trolls. I also have two Trollies VHS tapes not pictured because they don't have their covers.