Friday, November 20, 2009

Wishnik Troll Shanty Shack

I absolutely love this! It's my Wishnik troll Shanty Shack. These were made in the 60s. It's in great condition for its age. There is so much detail and it's so colorful. The two elf/trolls came with it. They are vintage and must have been popular in the 60s.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Troll Doll

They really did make trolls for every occasion. This is a Russ troll pilgrim. I saved him for the Thanksgiving holiday to show you all.

Vintage Troll Animals

These are vintage troll animals from the 60s or 70s era made in Japan. I'm trying to think if I have showed these before...hmmm...I'm really not sure. If so, bear with me. This is a nice picture of them though. The elephant is my favorite of the bunch.

Unica Belgium Troll

This is a rare Unica Belgium troll monkey. I just love the details in his hands. He is old and very vintage. He has the brightest green eyes. Have you ever seen one like this before?

Farmer Trolls

These are the last of the Wishniks I'll show you for tonight. They are farmers and even have straw hats. I think they look darlin'. The colors in their outfits could almost make them pass as Christmas trolls. Speaking of Christmas, I have a lot of Christmas trolls I've been putting off posting until'll definitely want to stay tuned for those...

Here's Another Wishnik...

Here's a Wishnik troll with his original tag. I'm guessing he's a graduate or maybe a priest. I like his hot pink hair.

Caveman Trolls

I'm back bringing you all an assortment of fun trolls. It's hard to believe it's autumn and nearing winter. This year sure has flown by...

Here are two really cute Wishnik caveman trolls. I particularly like the fuzzy shoes on the green haired one.