Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trolls In Their PJ's

These trolls are ready for bedtime. The one wearing blue was the first troll in my collection. I remember seeing it at a flea market and telling my husband, "I had these as a child". I liked the happiness it brought me... thinking of a much younger version of myself sitting in the floor playing with my troll dolls and styling their hair. I begin wishing I still had my trolls. Problem is, I don't even have one of the trolls from my childhood. I remember specific ones though and have bought almost all of them. I think collector's seek the toys from their childhood. To bring out the inner child in all of us. Come to think of it...I probably should have showed you all that one first.


  1. I am a child and have been collecting trolls since i was about 5 and got a huge basket of them at a yard sale. I love them and im dressing up as one for halloween. I hope i make you happy when i promise to always keep at least one.

  2. Hi im Levi Mowen look me up on facebook I love troll dolls and I have 25 I actually used to have the ones you have in the picture but I also had a pink with a sailor hat but I gave those 3 to 2 little girl that my mom knows I love troll dolls and next year I might dress up for one on halloween and I even have a gray troll doll wig in my room im gonna where it on crazy hair day at skewl to and im never gonna give up my troll dolls I love them =:D


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