Thursday, September 3, 2009

Huge Russ Berrie Clown Troll

This one's 2 feet tall. I think it looks great displayed beside the huge Russ Berrie Santa troll I showed you all previously.

I only know of two more huge Russ Berrie trolls like this - there is a bride and a groom. I hope to get them sooner or later. I'd like to display them all together.


  1. How much is this troll worth. I have the same one

  2. I'm not sure of the actual value b/c it's not listed in any troll price books that I've seen. But I have seen it priced on eBay for up to $60. I paid $5 for mine from a flea market. Which I think is was a great deal for a 2 feet tall Russ troll in excellent condition. You mostly base troll value on the collector, I think. Some pay a lot of a specific troll catches their eye. Sometimes they pay more than you would think for trolls on auction sites like eBay. But Dam trolls are always worth the most. And Scandia House. And some Dam trolls are worth a whole lot - like the tailed troll, for example. Hope this helps.

    ~Just Trolling Around


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