Thursday, August 20, 2009

Troll Identification & Price Guides

These two books contain pictures as well as estimated "worth" of trolls. I think they are a great resource for collector's because they provide pictures of rare trolls which will help you to spot them on your troll hunting adventures. It's also fun to see new trolls and these books will show you just that. However, I do not believe you can truly go by these prices. They are outdated and now versus the 90s, there are even more resources available to find the older trolls. Of course, it was easy to get the Russ and Ace types in department stores back then so the 90s certainly had it's advantage - and was so much fun too! But, who can put a "price" on trolls? Certainly not true troll collector's. I'd rather buy a troll that catches my eye and I know "I" love than to buy one because a price guide says it's rare. I'm not saying I don't like rare trolls, some are beautiful and very unique looking, however, I have passed on "rare" trolls before for a troll that isn't gonna make me rich so to speak, but instead melted my heart and I just couldn't pass on. I have also found some trolls that I consider "rare" that are not listed in any troll guide ever made. I consider them rare because I've never seen another like them, not even one.

The green book on the left was written by Pat Peterson. This particular troll book costs the most nowadays. I put a pretty penny on it to get a copy.

The black book on the right is written by Jan Lindenberger. It's easier to find and most people try to sell it for a lot but if you wait for a bargain you can obtain it at a reasonable cost.

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