Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Troll Finds + A Love Notes Toy

Here's some fun stuff I found today at the yard sales...

1975 Dam Baby
 2005 Dam Troll
 Not sure what this is so I'll just call it a Tiki Troll...
 1978 Mattel Love Notes Raccoon. I like it. It looks very vintage compared to stuffed animals you see now-a-days. I found an old newspaper ad (from the 1970's) about Mattel Love Notes. They made dolls, the raccoon, a bear...maybe more??? You press the circles on its body to play a song.

 Stay tuned...

~ Just Trolling Around


  1. I have this raccoon also. It was my brothers first then mine. Now I'm giving it to my son. But not in as good condition. I googled it and found you page. So cool!

  2. Thank you!

    ~ Just Trolling Around

  3. Hi, what material can you use to make new hair to a troll who needs it?


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