Sunday, April 18, 2010

Found This Today - Battle Troll

Went to the yard sales today - about 12 of them. Only found one troll...this Battle Troll for 5 cents. Maybe I'll have better luck next weekend.


  1. can you verify this troll for me,
    its got black hair, brown plastic eyes, a white felt waistcoast thats got a triangle cut out the back. its also got a felt dot on the waistcoat thats ment to be a button, black felt trousers, pointy ears, its a boy and on the bottom of the left foot it says : 'DAM danmark 1984'. although its brand new. my mum just got it from sweden for me.

    ps. danmark means denmark in swedish/danish. it was written in swedish/danish because dam troll dolls are danish(originaly) or because its from sweden.( i think its both).

    email me back at

  2. Thomas Dam made trolls until November 12, 1989 when he passed away and he's from Denmark or Danmark some people say so I'm sure it's an original made from his factory.


  3. But my mum got it from some toy store??? would a toy store sell stuff as old as that???

  4. If it's a thrift shop it's possible. There is a seller on ebay that is selling new dam products so I'm not sure. But if it's marked 1984 then more than likely it was made then unless it's copyright 1984 but made in another year like you see in books.

  5. thx but i worked out its a copy(still dam though!) of one of the first ever dam trolls. it is still dam though cos it says c dam

    ps i ment c as in the copyright sign.

  6. ok that problem sorted now next problem,
    WHERE CAN I BUY DAM TROLL DOLLS??? i want dam ones. do you know where i can buy the new dam trolls called the original good luck trolls???
    i dont care if u dont know where to buy the new ones just any troll dolls made by dam. ANY DAM TROLL DOLLS.

  7. ebay, amazon, yard sales, thrift shops, and flea markets.


  8. thx but do you know where you can buy dam troll dolls in london? do they even sell dam troll dolls in london? there is probaly russ troll dolls but i want dam trolls only!


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