Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rare Troll Holding A Cat

I love this troll. It was one of the first ones I bought. He is holding a cat. The cat is in his mold and painted. Made in China. I've never seen another like him.


  1. Wow, mine is exactly the same as yours, but with green hair along with the green eyes. I didn't realize how rare this one was.

  2. Hi! I am a former Territory Sales Rep of Russ Berrie (1991 and 1992) and have 200+ Trolls from my "car stock" (Hard Line not Plush Line). Was doing inventory of them to sell them BUT I came across this weird one (not from my Russ Berrie line). Not sure how I came across it, anyway mine is like yours in this photo but with lavender hair and blue eyes. Did you ever find out what company yours is from, and ANY other information on it? Also your Packs of "Troll Collector Cards" (with "Snorkel" Troll on front - I opened 1 of my packs to see inside and if you have not, then I will photo my contents so you can see what is inside. Thanks!

  3. Hi, that's so cool that you were a Russ Berrie rep! I would have LOVED that job :) I don't have any other info on the troll holding the cat other than he's rare. He doesn't pop up a lot. I wouldn't know what you could price him at.

    I haven't opened my cards. I didn't want to bring down the value. I've thought about it :) If you take the pics, let me know here in comment and I'll email you. I'd love to take a peek :)

    ~ Just Trolling Around

  4. Hi! I'm back (the former RUSS Berrie Territory Sales Rep)! I photo'd the OPEN pack of of Troll Cards. Not sure how to upload the photos here, If I fail then email me at and you I'll send to you so you can Post the pics on here. Also, selling my entire "car stock" of 219 pieces including my Sales Catalogs for $2,100. Anyway, let me know if my pics don't upload. Bye!


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