Saturday, May 7, 2011

Russ Troll Christmas Caroler

I found this Russ troll today at a yard sale. It's yard sale season and I hope to find many more trolls over the upcoming months.


  1. I wandered past here looking around the net for Hobnobbins. Do you have a collection? (I'm making a Hobnobbin family tree, but as I only have 4 right now, its a bit difficult..)

  2. I have a Hobnobbins lunchbox. It's posted somewhere here on my blog. Feel free to browse around.

    ~Just Trolling Around

  3. I recently stumbled upon your blog. I have a number of trolls that you may be interested in. Are there any types you are specifically looking for? I would be willing to part with some of them for a fair price. Negotiation is welcome.


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