Friday, December 24, 2010

All My Recent Troll Finds

Here are all my recent finds.

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Enjoy and have a Happy Holidays!


  1. selling troll dolls for as low as US$1! :)
    comes with 3pcs small troll dolls. body itself is around 1inch. [hair dyes blue, orange and avocado green.].
    2pcs big troll dolls. body itself is around 1.5inches. [hair colors lavander and yellow.].
    A total of 5pcs.
    Plain. No clothes or whatsoever! :)
    email me @ if you're interested.
    Thanks! :)

  2. SRSLY!! This is the best blog!

  3. Hey man with the cool troll collection,

    I'm a casting producer with Sharp Entertainment out of NYC. My boss actually recommended I check out your collection for the series we're doing - so I wanted to reach out. It's for a new TV show for TLC - and I'd like to talk to you about possibly getting involved. The theme is primarily based around collecting pop culture items.

    I can best be reached by my office line tomorrow. Try office first, second try cell or email. Please get back to me sooner rather than later - would love to run the concept by you, answer any questions, and if you're interested, let you know what the next step is. The photos of the museum are epic - would love to get involved and give you some free press.

    Looking forward to potentially working together - take care!

    Cheers - and awesome collection,

    Elizabeth Tucker l Casting Producer l Sharp Entertainment
    1071 Sixth Avenue, 7FL | New York, NY | 10018
    646.688.7938 direct
    347.989.2878 cell
    212.784.7778 fax


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