Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1977 Christmas & Monk Trolls

These are two very unique trolls. They are not a set but look nice displayed side-by-side due to their skyward expression.

One is a Christmas Troll made by Norfin in 1977. I am very fond of Christmas time and seeing this troll when I enter my room always puts me in a happy mood. He may be an elf or a Merrymaker. What do you think?

The other is a Monk Troll made by Norfin in 1977. I love that he is balding - making him look so different than my other trolls. His shoes are painted on.


  1. The Christmas troll is either Christmas George or Christmas Georgette (I can't tell how long the hair is from the photo), and the monk is Brother John :-)

  2. His hair is kinda short - must be Christmas George :)


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